Mount Polymagnet Pair - Portrait/Landscape

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Portrait/Landscape Polymagnets are engineered to provide a stronger attachment force as well as a unique 90° rotational alignment force over conventional magnets.

Additional Information: M2278 M2284 M2285
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni Ni-Cu-Ni Ni-Cu-Ni
Material NdFeB NdFeB NdFeB
Grade N50 N50 N50
Temperature Rating (C) 60 60 60
Mass (oz) 0.06 0.05 0.06
Thickness (in) 0.041 and 0.135 0.135 and 0.073 0.135 and 0.073
Outer Diameter (in) 1.00 1.13 1.25
Shape Type D-Disc D-Disc D-Disc
Link to Datasheet and CAD Drawing Datasheet, CAD Datasheet, CAD Datasheet, CAD

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