Align Polymagnet Pair

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These Align Polymagnets are designed provide a high holding force when aligned and very little attractive force when out of alignment. As these magnet approach alignment they provide a positive force toward the alignment position. These Align Polymagnets have high shear resistance in two directions.

Additional Information: A2292 A2296
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni Ni-Cu-Ni
Material NdFeB NdFeB
Grade N50 N50
Temperature Rating (C) 60 60
Mass (oz) 0.3 0.5
Thickness (in) 0.125 0.125
Length (in) 0.75 1.00
Width (in) 0.75 1.00
Countersink #4 #6
Shape Type Square Square
Link to Datasheet and CAD Drawing Datasheet, CAD Datasheet, CAD

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