Torque Polymagnet - twist release - 90 degree - countersink

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1001119 Twist Release Polymagnet
Twist/Release Polymagnets are engineered to provide strong attachment and alignment forces at 0° and 180° positions and a repulsion
force once rotated +/- 90°.

To achieve this behavior, these magnets are used in pairs and must be axially aligned.

These Polymagnets also exhibit a tightly controlled magnetic field which minimizes interference with sensitive devices

  • M4 countersunk
  • Pairs with self.
  • D-shaped

Technical Specifications:
Shape Type: D-Shape

Diameter: 1.0”

Weight: 0.38 oz (11 g)

Material: NdFeB

Magnet Grade: N50

Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni

Rating: 140° F (80 C)
Holding Force*: 12.5 lbs (56 N)
         *at 1.5mm separation
Max Torque*: 54.5 oz-in (385 mN*m)
  *at 1.5mm separation

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