"Hooked on Paint" Demo Kit

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
3 units


The "Hooked on Paint" Demo Kit allows you to experience the excellent holding power of 36 magnetic poles on ferrous paint.

The kit includes 4 Polymagnets with 3M mounting tape for easy "peel & stick application:

    • 2 Polymagnets with "SlipGrip" for medium loads & easy positioning on smooth or textured paint surfaces
    • 2 Polymagnets with "MaxGrip" for high loads on smooth surfaces. These should lifted & repositioned, not be slid across surface

"Hooked on Paint" is being re-launched in 2nd Quarter 2021 for contractors & DIY users to experience 5X strength of Polymagnets for easy decorating with on ferrous painted walls without the headaches of drilling, pounding, screwing or patching.

Hooked on Paint Demo Videos:

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