"Hooked on Paint" Demo Kit

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
3 units


The "Hooked on Paint" Demo Kit allows you to experience the excellent holding power of 36 magnetic poles on ferrous paint.

The kit includes 4 Polymagnets with 3M mounting tape for easy "peel & stick application:

    • 2 Polymagnets with "SlipGrip" for medium loads & easy positioning on smooth or textured paint surfaces
    • 2 Polymagnets with "MaxGrip" for high loads on smooth surfaces. These should lifted & repositioned, not be slid across surface

"Hooked on Paint" will be re-launched in Q4'21 for contractors & DIY users to experience 5X strength of Polymagnets for easy decorating with on ferrous painted walls without the headaches of drilling, pounding, screwing or patching.

Warning! These Polymagnets are much too strong for use on steel surfaces. They are very diffucult to remove from flat steel & you risk damaging the surface finish.

Hooked on Paint Demo Videos:

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