NEW! Polymagnet Demo Cube

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Great for: Techie Gift; STEM Students; Fidgit; Kids; Engineering Library; Inventors

Polymagnets are the world’s first smart magnets. Correlated Magnetics' patented process transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems called Polymagnets. Unlike conventional magnets that have just one north and one south pole, Polymagnets have a pattern of many magnetic regions. They’re smart magnets because they go far beyond simple attract and repel to deliver greater strength, new functions and custom feel. The Polymagnet Demo Cube contains everything you need to get a feel for the capabilities of Polymagnets and acts as a great desk top fidget toy.

Demo Cube contents:

High Attach Polymagnet
Part #: 1002276

Conventional Magnet
Part #: 3000584, base magnet to 1002276

Blue Knob
Twist-Release Polymagnets
Part #: 1001119 x 2

Red Knob
Spring-Latch Combo Polymagnets
Part #s: 1002130/1002131
Green Knob

Rotational Alignment Polymagnets
Part #s: 1002266/1002267
Tan Knob
Multi-detent 15 degree Polymagnets
Metal Stand
1mm (0.04") thick steel

Info Card
With product descriptions, magnetic viewing film, and contact information

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