Attachment Polymagnets Optimization Webinar

Published by Motion Mechanisms Team on Jun 22nd 2020

Webinar Topic: Attachment Polymagnet Optimization and Design 

What are Polymagnets and how do they function? What is the difference between an every-day, conventional magnet versus a Polymagnet? 

Smart magnets (Polymagnets) are incredibly designed to fit a variety of needs. In basic terms, Polymagnets are three to five times stronger than a typical conventional magnet. The magnetic fields are much tighter and more concentrated within the magnet resulting in much greater effectiveness and control. These magnets are designed to increase strength and size to fit specific needs. Various patterns created on the face of the magnet provide capabilities that offer substantially increased performances and capabilities. 

Join the Webinar this Thursday, June 25, to discover how Polymagnets offer superior holding strength on thin metal applications. What differentiates them from conventional Neodymium magnets? Why do programmed magnets offer a unique design edge in the product development world? 

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