Hooked on Paint - Polymagnet & Primer Kit (QUART)

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Hooked on Paint kit for small surface area applications using colored paint. Create ferrous walls for endless decorating possibilities using magnets, leaving walls hole-free!

Kit contents include a 2lb bag of black iron oxide powder and 10 Polymagnet mounts that covers 25 to 50 sq ft.

  • The 36 magnetic poles in these Polymagnets provide an incredible 4X hanging load advantage on ferrous paint.
  • CAUTION - These Polymagnets are much too strong for use on steel surfaces - appliances, steel doors or cars

This iron oxide powder should be added to primer paint to establish a dark-gray ferrous base and topped with a colored paint of choice. Add the entire pouch of powder to a gallon of paint, mix thoroughly, and apply 2-4 coats to walls or other surfaces. Great top coats for this application are chalkboard, whiteboard, or other pigmented paint. When done, place magnet mounts on the backs of picture frames or other decorations to hang on your magnetic surface!

See images and videos attached for examples of how Hooked on Paint works and what you can do with your surfaces!

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