Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit

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Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit contents:

High Force Attach Polymagnet (purple)
Conventional magnet (tan)
Spring Polymagnets (black)
Twist-Release Polymagnets (blue)
Spring-Latch Combo Polymagnets (red)
Rotational Alignment Polymagnet (green)
Metal plate – 0.036" thick
Business Card with Green magnetic viewing film

These deluxe demo knobs have metal shaft-end that don't inadvertantly come off. The clear tackle box is durable with dedicated storage bins for each sample.

Polymagnets are the world’s first smart magnets! Correlated Magnetics' patented process transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems called Polymagnets. Unlike conventional magnets that have just one north and one south pole, Polymagnets have a pattern of many magnetic regions. They’re smart magnets because they go far beyond simple attract and repel to deliver greater strength, new functions and custom feel.

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