Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit

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Deluxe Polymagnet Demo Kit contents:

High Force Attach Polymagnet (purple)
Conventional magnet (tan)
Spring Polymagnets (black)
Twist-Release Polymagnets (blue)
Spring-Latch Combo Polymagnets (red)
Rotational Alignment Polymagnet (green)
Metal plate – 0.036" thick
Business Card with Green magnetic viewing film

Polymagnets are the world’s first smart magnets! Correlated Magnetics' patented process transforms ordinary magnets into precision-tailored magnetic systems called Polymagnets. Unlike conventional magnets that have just one north and one south pole, Polymagnets have a pattern of many magnetic regions. They’re smart magnets because they go far beyond simple attract and repel to deliver greater strength, new functions and custom feel.

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